Not for the faint of heart. Bold and exciting alpha female costume, own the room and the eyes of everyone in this most fierce costume in all the land! Main body color black, flower comes in various colors options.

"Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves and Immortality."
- Emily Dickinson

Set Includes

Flower embellished skirt
Neck corset, rhinestone embellishments and floral accent-adjustable size
Made with lace, taffeta, beautiful rhinestone buttons, and beautiful faux flowers. Eccentric shapes make for an interesting piece. 
One heavy duty waist training steel-boned corset with modesty panel, 6 suspender loops, hour glass figure instantly potential waist reduction up to 4 inches. Stainless steel busk closure.

Day of the Dead

Waist Measurement
Flower Color
  • Sizing
    22-23 inch SIZE:18 28-29 inch 30-31 inch
    24-25 inch SIZE:20 30-31 inch 32-33 inch
    26-27 inch SIZE:22 32-33 inch 34-35 inch
    28-29 inch SIZE:24 34-35 inch 36-37 inch
    30-31 inch SIZE:26 36-37 inch 38-39 inch
    32-33 inch SIZE:28 38-39 inch 40-41 inch
    34-35 inch SIZE:30 40-41 inch 42-43 inch
    36-37 inch SIZE:32 42-43 inch 44-45 inch
    38-39 inch SIZE:34 44-45 inch 46-47 inch
    40-41 inch SIZE:36 46-47 inch 48-49 inch
    42-43 inch SIZE:38 48-49 inch 50-51 inch
    44-45 inch SIZE:40 50-51 inch 52-53 inch